Air Quality Management

Needs based – modular – scalable

Purevento stands for effective air purification with affordable technology. The mobile, scalable air filter systems enable demand-driven air quality management.

Average daily NO2 mean value for the first two months of outdoor air cleaning: 31,6 µg/m³

The nitrogen dioxide (NO2) EU limits have been significantly undercut in the first two months of urban air cleaning with our City Air Cleaner system at the Theodor-Heuss-Ring in Kiel .

The Virus Filter

Better air indoors

Virus Filters remove aerosols from the air we breathe and reduce the risk of infection in places where many people spend long periods together in a confined space.

The City Air Cleaner

Better air for cities worth living in

City Air Cleaners remove health-endangering pollutants
from the air on busy roads as well as at constructionally
and meteorologically caused accumulation points.

All advantages

At a glance

Air filters from Purevento are



Proven filtering of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozon, fine dusts, viruses and bacteria from the drawn-in air



Ideal ratio of cleaning performance to power consumption, operating, and maintenance costs



Demand-oriented control of the system with monitoring of the operating performance for preventive maintenance



Multi-stage filter system for flexible adaptation
of filter media to specific local air contamination scenarios



Flexible and easy set up without foundation and ready for operation at short notice


Low noise

Demand-driven operation under consideration of the local pollution and noise levels

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