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Robert Krüger is the founder and head of Purevento, located at the beautiful south of Schleswig-Holstein next to the City of Hamburg. He has been developing innovative fabrics an customised solutions for air quality management in buildings since 2008.

Since he began dealing with the issue of urban air quality in the spring of 2017, Robert Krüger has been working on the unresolved problem of polluted urban air. He found enthusiastic comrades-in-arms and investors and leads the Purevento team as managing director.

The Purevento City Air Cleaner for urban ambient air purification follows a pragmatic approach: efficient operation and easy-to-use, affordable technology to provide a real bridge technology for better breathing air in cities.

Geschäftsführer Herr Robert Krüger


and Mission

We are innovators for better urban air quality

We want to reduce harmful urban pollutants NOW.

  • Our mission is to actively improve the air quality in densely populated urban environments.
  • Our City Air Cleaners provide clean air whereever it is needed.

We believe in technology as a problem solver

We use proven technologies for creating innovative solutions.

  • If it is not possible to avoid the emission of harmful air pollutants in cities in the short term, they must be actively reduced.
  • We use technology to bridge the gap between the desired short-term air quality improvements and more sustainable comprehensive mid to long-term solutions.

We strive for impact for a better quality of life

We want to excel in improving urban air quality.

  • Air quality in cities varies greatly in time and space and must therefore be considered at a hyperlocal level.
  • The increasing use of real-time pollution sensors enables demand-oriented air quality management in zones and periods with harmful concentrations.

Our air purifiers provide clean air effectively wherever and whenever it is needed.


Robert Krüger


Andreas Hildebrandt

Project Manager

Martin Kruse

Head of IT

Martin Scherdin


Frank Carsten


Mirko Grebe


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