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Auto Bild reports about Purevento

City air cleaner against exhaust fumes at Theodor-heuss-Ring

City air cleaner against diesel driving bans

Purevento offers a way out for diesel driving bans

Kiel tests nitrogen oxide extraction system

Extraction system from Trittau to clean Kiel air

Kiel tests high-tech filter

First city air purifier installed in Kiel

Exhaust gas cleaner against driving bans


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Fresh air for Kiel: Kiel and Purevento GmbH start trial phase with our city air cleaner at the Theodor-Heuss-Ring

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Purevento - Modell E

Purevento Model E
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Purevento Model S
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Purevento Prototype Model E
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Prototyp Model E - Ready to drive
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Purevento - Prototyp Modell E - Fahrbereit mit Auto

Prototyp Model E - Ready to drive
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Purevento - Prototyp Modell E - Hr Krueger

Prototyp Model E - Mr. Krüger
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Purevento - Detail Photovoltaik

Purevento - Photovoltaics
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Purevento - Sensorbox

Purevento Sensor Box
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