Free driving at logistic bottleneck due to technical air purification

Baustelle THR KielFree driving on the Theodor-Heuss-Ring! More than 110,000 motorists are happy about this every day – especially commuters, tradespeople and lorry drivers. The reason that this logistical bottleneck on the city ring road is fully open to traffic again is the active local air quality management introduced by the lately installed technical air purification plant from Purevento.

The Lord Mayor had strongly advocated that technical air purification be stipulated in Kiel’s new Clean Air Plan as the only available instrument for directly reducing the harmful exessive NO2 concentrations measurably at short term in order to avoid driving bans. The roadworks introduced several measures to steady the local traffic flow and thereby reduce local traffic pollution in a sustainable way. But these measures were forecasted not to be sufficient to reduce the local NO2 concentrations below the required limits.

Lord Mayor Dr. Ulf Kämpfer is convinced that the air purification system will bring about a significant improvement:

“The City Air Cleaners are better than any driving bans, which would lead to congestion and alternative traffic in other, more populated streets and more air pollution overall.”

Since the installation of the innovative technical urban air purification plant consisting of six City Air Cleaners on October 15, the daily average nitrogen dioxide levels measured at the official measuring station of the State Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas (LÜSH) are already significantly lower than those in the comparable periods of the previous year. However, due to the prevailing lane narrowing of the westbound carriageway with particularly high NO2 concentrations in the adjacent residential area, these values have so far only been of limited significance.

The temporary restrictions due to construction work on the Theodor-Heuss-Ring in Kiel have finally been completed. Now the traffic situation corresponds again to the conditions of 2019 and the City Air Cleaners can develop their full active air quality management effect.

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